Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone's New Cover: May it Blow Up In Their Faces

When I first saw the cover of the new Rolling Stone (I'm sure you've seen it too) my first thought was "is than Andy Samberg from SNL? Or maybe one of the guys from MGMT? Or is one of the Jonas Brothers trying to be taken seriously?"

I don't get shocked easily but I have to say I was taken aback when I realized it was one of the terrorists who committed the Boston Marathon bombing whose name is not worth mentioning.

I believe in freedom of expression and of the press and all that stuff, but this crosses a line. Rolling Stone has noted this is a serious investigative piece about the bombing and what led to it, and the millenial generation and I am sure that is true. Rolling Stone does have legit journalism creds and I am all for a deep look at the bombing and the causes behind it.  That said, the only reason to put this freak on the cover is to generate publicity and sales which will translate into money. Blood money.

I have been subscribing to RS on and off for decades. The magazine can sometimes be great, and it has helped me form a lot of my opinions about music and culture, but there has always been a lot of BS in RS. Rock Turtleneck will be canceling its house subscription.

One of the big slogans from the hippie era that Rolling Stone still lives in was "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." This cover is part of the problem.

And the worst thing is, this is hardly the first time Rolling Stone has offended me with one of their covers.