Monday, January 10, 2011

Station to Station: Happy Belated David Bowie

January 8th is surely the greatest single birth date in rock; for the Good Lord brought the King Elvis A(a)ron Presley into this world in 1935, and ushered in the Thin White Duke, David Bowie, born David Jones 12 years later to the day.

The first week of my freshman year at the University of Conn-
, my buddy Rich and I headed over to the campus record store, called The Disc, and picked up a couple LPs. I bought The Buzzcocks compilation Singles Going Steady and Rich picked up Bowie's Station to Station.

I knew a couple of the tunes on the Bowie record, namely "Golden Years" and "TVC15," but was unfamiliar with the album's full suite of chillingly sexy proto-Eurodisco. Rich and I listened to Station to Station constantly our first semester, and gravitated in particular towards the haunting Side One-closing ballad "Word on a Wing."

Here's a dynamite one-two punch of "Word on a Wing" and "Stay," recorded during 1976 tour rehearsals in Vancouver.

Its six flawless tracks make Station to Station perhaps Bowie's greatest album, despite the fact that he says he doesn't remember recording it, due to his non-stop 70s diet of recreational narcotics.

Once you're done checking this out, head on over to iTunes, Amazon or your campus record store and pick up Station to Station, which was reissued in a Deluxe Edition in 2010. Let's go out with a Bowie-rific version of the title track from 1978 featuring the incredible playing of twang-bar king Adrian Belew.

iTunes: Station to Station (Deluxe Edition)

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Dave Hackett said...

I never knew they shared a b-day. Thanks for that tid-bit. I may just buy the album too. Rock on!