Monday, June 22, 2009

Dig the Hep New Sounds on the RT Hi-Fi

At Rock Turtleneck we lean mighty heavily on the giants of rock & roll: Dylan, Macca, Keef, etc. And while we can listen to Blood on the Tracks any day of the week (and do), nothing gets the blood pumping like a great new tune. Here are three new tunes that are well worth your while.

MGMT: "Kids"

Following in the heels of the equally awesome "Time to Pretend" and "Electric Feel," "Kids" is the third single off MGMT's watershed record Oracular Spectacular. This duo of Wesleyan grads is deceptively talented. Like Beck in his early days, their songs have a junkyard, tossed-off quality, but you can't get them out of your head - and you don't want to. And their live shows are supposed to be a total hoot. Paul McCartney says he wants to work with them. What are you waiting for boys?

Metric: "Help I'm Alive"
If you spent a lot of time listening to quote-unquote alternative music in the 90s, Metric will immediately conjure up fond memories of female led postpunk groups like Garbage, Belly and the Breeders. After years of not really listening to that type of music, it's nice to hear it again.

PJ Harvey and John Parish, "Black Hearted Love"
Polly Jean Harvey is one of the most eclectic musicians out there; some of her more indulgent stuff doesn't really do much for me. But when she sticks to traditional rock song stylings, as on this new collaboration with some dude named John Parish, she is thrilling. Here is the ethereal Ms. Harvey and her sharp-dressed band doing "Black Hearted Love" on Letterman a couple weeks back.

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